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How much does your credit repair service cost?

We charge a fee of $179 to set up your account. After that we charge for the credit repair after you see results. 50 days later is when you will pay. We have 2 payment options. First, six monthly payments of $179. Or Second, 12 monthly payments of $99. At this point I know what you are thinking. People have said it to me before. You are thinking - wow that's a lot of money - I saw lots of other websites that are cheaper. You know what - they are cheaper for a reason. If you are serious about getting results and getting them fast - then you have found the right website. I ask you to do one thing - call me and ask me to defend my fee to you. I will explain to you why I need to charge you more - my expenses per client are higher than my competitors because I do things they DO NOT do and I will explain what I do that they DO NOT do.

Credit is like your health - If you needed a heart transplant - wouldn't you want the best surgeon? If you had cancer - wouldn't you travel a little father to go to the cancer hospital instead of the "regular" hospital? It's like that with credit repair - there are lots of companies out there ready to take your money. Some just plain offer more services than others - period.

We are not trying to be the largest credit repair company out their - we are simply striving to be the best. There are many people out there who can not afford my level of service. If you want to hire a "dispute mill" then call me and I will give you the names of some of my friends who charge much less than I do. Every year I attend conventions on credit repair and conventions for collection agencies. It amazes me that my competitors are still cutting corners to save money when they could be getting a lot better results for their clients if they just spent some more money - but they won't do it because their clients are not paying them enough money for them to spend more. I charge more - AND I get better results - and you know what happens? My clients are happy and I get more referrals!

Here's the bottom line. My competitor is going to tell you --> "he isn't doing anything we are not doing". You know what - they are wrong. Please call me and ask me about my service.

This is my last paragraph - I need to make it count. If you are looking for help fixing your credit it is no different than looking for a doctor or a lawyer. What you need to do is to interview them. Please give us an interview for this job. Call us at 888-NCFIXER (888-623-4937) or at 860-282-6181. Ask us to explain why we are worth more than those "other" guys.

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