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Administrative Department

Administrative Department

Like any business, National Credit Fixers requires an administrative team to keep all the gears running smoothly! Our team is responsible for all matters related to the day-to-day operation of National Credit Fixers. This includes general customer service tasks, such as answering phones, and directing correspondence to the appropriate credit repair team member. In addition, the administrative team is responsible for ensuring the company maintains a strong branding presence through marketing and advertising. Furthermore, this team works to ensure that all aspects of our facilities are running smoothly – from computer and data systems, to general office supplies. At its highest level, our administrative team actively works to establish business connections with other agencies and law firms, and do all that is required to grow and expand our company!

So what does this mean to you? While the administrative team is not directly involved with individual credit repair clients, a smooth-running National Credit Fixers is a benefit to all of our clients. Making sure every part of our business runs smoothly ensures the most efficient and effective credit repair service for you!


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