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Dear Chris:

I want to thank you and Nikki for all your hard work. But I especially want to thank you personally. You always kept me updated on my progress, always answered my many questions whenever I called you during your busy day. (It was great that others in your office were able to also assist me without missing a beat if you were gone for the day.) But your advice on successful credit management was priceless. I appreciated your knowledge and will now apply that information to my life. I am now finally free of debt and will recommend everyone to National Credit Fixers for the ultimate experience of professionalism and wonderful customer service and of course FIXED CREDIT!

Deborah F.

We used National Credit Fixers to help us expeditiously repair our credit. I do not have enough good things to say about them. The owner, Matt Listro, is an absolute stand-up guy that even takes/makes calls well after hours to make sure things are going smoothly and try to work extra points into our score. WAY different than the typical credit company stories one reads about. His staff is outstanding, returns calls promptly, answers their phones when called. Everything is top shelf. One note; I do not receive anything for this endorsement. It only comes from my being so incredibly happy with their performance and customer service. I would highly suggest you give Matt a call. He could really help many of your potential customers.


Hi Chris:

I do have to say, that with every update I see on the report – my breath is taken away. It’s like I am being able to have a fresh start and begin yet again a life that I can live. You honestly have no idea how I have lived for so many years because of bad choices and decisions I have made in my past. Having you help me rid those out of my life and get a fresh start to be able to have a financial security, means the world to me. In the past, I just accepted that this was the way it would be and have to live the rest of my life. But being referred to you by my dear friend was the best thing that truly could of every happened to me. I can’t wait for the day, that I can actually walk into a place and be able to buy my own car because I have credit to do so. That will be an amazing feeling.

Thanks again for all your do. You mean the world to me and what you are doing for me. J

Carly S.

Hi Jessica:

I just wanted to thank you guys. You have already given me a 45-50 point boost on FICO 04; 40 point boost on FICO 08 ;and an 80 point boost on Vantage 3.0! Unbelievable in just the first round, I just got approval from Lynne. Plus you guys timed everything perfectly which I was not expecting at all. I haven’t even paid down my cards all the way yet because I didn’t think we were set until a few more months. We can buy a house now! And you guys aren’t even finished yet.

Once we get the mortgage I’ll be able to close my secured cards and I’m going on an shopping spree to get 6 viable credit cards, and an auto trade in to refinance my current 9.9% APR car loan. I just wanted to thank you guys and I will be giving you solid reviews on Yelp, Yahoo, Google and whatever other online databases I can to get you guys more publicity. I’ll also be referring friends and military veterans if they need it. I can’t imagine what my scores will be in two months when my balances are 0 on 3 cards and 9% on my last card. Plus the other items getting removed….Well hopefully lol.

Thanks again!

Brandon B.


Thank you for taking the time to work with Trudy and I. Your company has been amazing to work with and the results speak for them self. Our credit worthiness has done a complete 180 since working with you and your firm. Everyone has been professional, courteous, and caring with our needs.

What I took away from this process was not only a substantial credit turn around but also knowledge with regards to how the credit game works. Agreed 100% Sean it is absolutely a game…. The better you understand how it works the better we can play the game. Your firm has empowered us with the tools necessary to play the game the right way and as a result we get a positive results!

We will absolutely keep in touch and refer you to anyone that maybe in need of assistance.

Thanks again to you and your team for all you have done.

Have a great day!

Brian A

Hi Jessica!

What a crazy couple months since I spoke with you… we found a house, went through the whole process, and closed yesterday. We are so so happy to be homeowners, still hasn’t sunk in totally but I just wanted thank you and your crew for helping this become a reality. You don’t know how much it means to us to be able to give a stable, long term home to our little girl, and be able to make it our own over the years. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough… but I will be sure to write some accolades for you on the website.

Thanks again… to everyone there. You’re doing life changing work.

Christina M

I’m more than satisfied with NCF and I’m very content with myself for making such a good decision in reaching out to them ! After NCF worked on my case , my credit score jumped tremendously and I went from not being able to have one credit card to having multiple and being able to qualify to buy a home . Before NCF began to work on my case ,I had no clue how to defend myself from collectors , receiving numerous calls all day and when I joined NCF , the calls stopped and I felt relieved because I knew someone had my back and was representing me . Not only did my credit score jumped up, but they had lawyers representing me on a collectors harassment claim for no additional cost . The case was won and I received a check of $700 in the mail ! NCF goes above and beyond for their clients , being so friendly and helpful at all times . I would definitely urge anyone having credit problems to contact NCF , they will definitely make a HUGE impact in your credit score .

Claudia R

Hello Jessica: Oh my gosh…..You guys are soooo amazing!! I just checked my email results from Transunion….they DELETED the stupid Verizon Acct!!!!!………Yaaah………..I guess that means if they can not prove it to them…

Debbie W

Chris: Thanks for the work you did with my credit. I am very happy with it overall and I will be glad to recommend you to anyone that needs help. My sister is a big realtor here in the Hampton Roads area of Virgina, so she will get the reference from me for all her clients. Thanks Again.


Matt: My husband and I were referred to your company and spoke with Jessica.
I am so blown away by the services she has provided. From the moment we called her she has been with us every step of the way. She made us feel like we were her only client. Her professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, patience with all of my questions, is just beyond exceptional. I really could go on and on with my gratitude for her.Not only is she providing excellent customer service, she isn’t leaving us in the dark about the process and was up front and honest. There aren’t many people like that anymore nowadays and I am one who truly appreciates that.I just wanted to pass the message along as I feel she has gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable with the new process we were unfamiliar with before. My husband and I both look forward to working with her more and know she will do her best to get us the best results.

Thank you for your time.

Elena C.

Thank you to everyone at National Credit Fixers for helping me get my credit repaired. I am very satisfied with the outcome. I got over 90% of derogatory credit off my credit report. WOW, I will recommend National Credit Fixers to everyone in need of credit repair.

Jesse S.

Hi Jessica, I don’t know if you remember me, but last year I called you because I had a big credit problem in my record. I just wanted to say thank you!!!!!! My credit is clean now. Also, somehow I had different names in my credit record and you helped to set up my real name with the credit bureaus.

I also wanted to share with you that my credit is now good. I have a few credit cards under my name, but the best is that I applied for a home loan and got it. My wife and I just got the keys for our first house. Thanks a lot for all your help and outstanding work!!!!!!!!

Gerson R. & Family

Hi Michelle: I just wanted to say goodbye and THANK YOU!!! Had it not been for your kindness, pleasant voice and common respect and concern I would not be thanking you now. I would have quit in anger and frustration in month 2. You gave me confidence in your company and the kindness and concern for me made me stay. Sooooo because of you and Christina my credit is fixed, I can get my life back. You both fixed my biggest obstacle so if there is ever anything I can do for you, just say the word. I owe you both my life. Again thank you sooo much!!!!

Donna B.

Being associated with your organization has changed my credit life in six months, rather than my waiting for seven years for things to come off my credit report. After six weeks of signing up with your [organization], bad credit starting melting off my credit report, after a couple of months, my credit score increased about 60 points just by creditors taking their old accounts off my credit history. I can now look forward to buying a home in the near future. I have to say also, your staff has the utmost professionalism, especially work with Tatiana and Jessica. I’ve had only positive, happy, fulfilling and life changing experiences with your organization, and continue to feel confident I can always call if I have questions or issues in the future.

Terry P.

It has been a very happy and excited ride, you guys transform my life, am a happier person than I was in the last months.. I don’t have enough words to thank you and Becky for providing me with great service and to have accomplished so much. Your team did a wonderfully job keeping me update on my scores and always were willing to answer any questions..My credit score is where I want it to be, thanks to you and your team. Again am so thankfully to you and Beck for giving me my life back! I will continue to refer you to my friends and family. Thank you *-*

M Feliciano

When Matt talks about credit repair – I stop and listen.

D Slater

If it was not for Matt, I’d probably still be renting. Matt helped me repair my poor credit enough so I could qualify for a mortgage but he didn’t stop there. He continued working on my credit even after I got the mortgage until I was able to refinance to the best rates available anywhere!

K. Hoffman

I thought I was never going to be able to refinance. I had tried everyone and no one could help me. Then a loan officer referred me to Matt. He sat down with me for 3 hours in his office. He really knows his stuff! He did what no one else could do – he fixed my poor credit and got me the loan that no one else could!

C. Huff

When I met Matt, I had a 520 FICO score, a few months later I had a 680 score and got approved to buy my first home. Thank you Matt.

G Barkley

Matt helped my wife and I obtain the American Dream of Home Ownership. I work for the IRS so that usually scares away the scammers but Matt wasn’t afraid to take me on as a client. His credit repair work was amazing! I would and have recommended him to my friends.

D Alexander

We wouldn’t be in our home today if it wasn’t for Matt!

S and S Thompson

You got my OWN score up over 150 points! I am a loan officer and I have been using Matt for years and he always – and I mean always comes through for my clients! I have and will continue to send all my credit challenged borrowers to you.

R Bylykbashi

We were referred to you by our Mortgage Broker. We don’t really know what our score was when we started but what we do know is that now we are homeowners.

J and L Horn

Thanks so much National Credit Fixers. Without your permanent removals of my negative items in my credit report I would not been able to keep my security clearance and my high paying job!

P Witherspoon

I had tried to do my own credit repair. The credit bureaus ignored me. I couldn’t get them to do anything. I learned about National Credit Fixers through a friend. It took some convincing – ok about 3 months – I didn’t want to pay money for something I thought I could do myself. After the first round of results, I knew I had made a good decision. I can’t say that I understand what National Credit Fixers does exactly but I know that they get results.

M Rodriguez

Rock Out – a new car for me! Thanks National Credit Fixers!

R Graham Sr.

When I needed a loan to start my small business, I had difficulty because of mypoor credit. In only 40 days, National Credit Fixers repaired increase my FICO score by 120 points and as a result, I was able to obtain my SBA loan!

P Prouty

National Credit Fixers repaired our poor credit so we could get a loan with no money down!

C Menard

I thought I would never get a loan. I was arguing with the credit bureaus for months over my child support payments being reported as delinquent. National Credit Fixers knew just what to do to get the delinquency erased from my poor credit profile and I got a mortgage because they did what I could not do.

J Vallone

NCF changed my life. My poor credit was bottom basement but now I am top shelf!

M Cohen

In 45 days my score jumped 62 points! With my new credit score I actually got a rate that was 3/8 of a percent lower than when I applied. The new payment is saving me over $17,000 over the life of my loan! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

E. Boucher

Not only did NFC fix my bad credit but they got me approved for a $5,000 major line of credit too!

M. Chowdhury

I was skeptical. It took me 6 months before I finally decided to hire these guys. To be honest my plan was to let them get started and then try to cancel after the first 45 days. The problem was – they actually did what they said they were going to do. The difference in my poor credit after just 45 days was astounding. I simply couldn’t cancel!

M Booker

Finally one loan officer referred me to National Credit Fixers. I was skeptical. I needed a place to live not another bill every month, but I resolved to give it a try. Fast forward to today – 90 days later. My credit is improved (not great yet but much better). I have a house under contract and will be closing at the end of this month. I can’t tell you how you have saved the day. Without a “suitable living situation” my ex was going to be able to get my child visitation rights revoked! You literally saved my family from disaster!

L Spied

I own my own contracting business. A few years back I ran into some trouble and my credit got trashed. I use to have to turn down big jobs because I could not front the money for materials. Now that National Credit Fixers improved my score – I can bid on those big jobs again!

B Russell

I wanted to write a testimonial for Matt. He fixed my poor credit and got me a home. No one else was willing to give me the time of day. Thanks Matt.

E Nicholas

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