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Free Credit Repair

Free Credit Repair

From National Credit Fixers

  • Once a month, National Credit Fixers gives away a full credit repair package, for free, to someone who is motivated to restore their credit, but cannot afford it financially.


  • Each winner will receive the same top-tier, individualized service, as all of our regular clients!


  • We will be posting each month’s winner, and tracking their results, here and in our blog! (Minus any personal information, of course)


How To Apply:

NCF takes into account three main criteria when choosing who to giveaway our free credit repair package to. First, an applicant must have tarnished credit! We want to be able to showcase our work through this free service, so we need negative items to work on! Second, we are looking for someone who is committed and motivated to improve their credit. We want someone who will help us by returning any documentation, and answering any questions we may have along the way. We DON’T want someone who will submit an application and disappear for months! Third, we are looking for an applicant who can demonstrate financial hardship. This service is to provide credit repair to people who could not otherwise afford it.

Accordingly, to apply, please submit the following documentation in an email to with the subject “Free Credit Repair Application”

  1. A letter of interest, stating your financial hardship
  2. A current credit report. May be obtained from anywhere. Try using the Free Credit Report form on our site.
  3. Contact information, including day and night phone number. We may contact you for a follow-up phone interview.


The Unbeatable NCF Service – For Free!

As mentioned above, each person selected for our free credit repair giveaway will receive the exact same, highly ranked service that is provided to all of our other customers! We have 17 years of experience in credit repair, and have perfected a method that, we believe, works better than all of our competitors. You can check out our signature credit repair process here, to see what you can expect once the process has begun! Each step in the process is carried out by our experienced and professional team, who you can contact at any time, unlike the computer-mills of other credit repair companies!


What If I Don’t Win?

Unfortunately, we get lots of deserving applicants each month, and only have one free credit repair package to give away. If you don’t win, and can make substantial changes to your informational letter, or have a major change in your financial circumstances, feel free to reapply another month! Otherwise, we will keep your application on file in case we feel you might be more deserving than applicants in a future month, and there is no need to re-apply.

Even if you don’t win, we encourage you to check out the array of services that NCF has to offer! We can work with you on finding an affordable credit repair package that meets your needs and your budget. In the past, we have given discounts for spouses who apply together, members of the military, and we offer a wide variety of pricing packages depending on how long you want your service to be. Additionally, we have cheaper pricing packages if you only have a few negative items on your credit report. Call one of our specialists today at 888-282-6181 to discuss our pricing options!

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