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Warranty & Pricing

Warranty and Pricing

We charge a fee of $199 for a first work fee for items that are NOT credit repair. After that we charge for the credit repair on a monthly basis.  We charge $45 monthly to work on one item monthly, $65 monthly  for two items, $85 monthly for three items, $105 monthly for four items, $125 monthly for five items, $145 monthly for six items, $165 monthly for seven items, and $199 monthly for eight or more items. These plans are only available for people who sign up for service in person, or for those people who are referred to us.  Due to a Federal regulation called the Telephone Sales Rule (TSR) if you have not been referred to us or physically coming into the office to sign up, we ask you to chat with us on our chat platform: click here .  Once you have signed a sales contract the regulation then allows us to talk to you on the phone.  We give all consumers 5 days to change their mind after signing our contract.

Credit is like your health – If you needed a heart transplant – wouldn’t you want to get the best surgeon? If you had cancer – wouldn’t you travel a little father to go to the cancer hospital instead of the “regular” hospital? It’s like that with credit repair – there are lots of companies out there ready to take your money. Some just plain offer more services than others – period.

We are not trying to be the largest credit repair company out their – we are simply striving to be the best. There are many people out there who cannot afford our level of service. If you want to hire a “dispute mill” then call me and I will give you the names of some of my friends who charge much less than I do. Every year I attend various credit conventions. It amazes me that my competitors are still cutting corners to save money when they could be getting a lot better results for their clients if they just spent some more money – but they won’t do it because their clients are not paying them enough money for them to spend more. I charge more – AND I get better results – and you know what happens? My clients are happy and I get more referrals!



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