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How Credit Repair Works

Dispute Letters

Dispute Letters: Brief Synopsis

  • Dispute letters are written to the three credit bureaus.
  • The content and sequence of dispute letters are extremely important.


Dispute Letters: Full Explanation

Each type of communication that credit repair companies engage in should be unique. Creditors, collection agencies, and bureaus do not handle the same information, and have different effects on a consumer’s credit report. Likewise, they should not be treated as the same from a credit repair standpoint. Each type of company should get their own individualized letter, tailored for their specific goals. Credit dispute letters, for example, are the type of communication which go to the credit bureaus.

Credit dispute letters do just as their name implies. These letters dispute the accuracy or verifiability of a particular item on a consumer’s credit report. As noted in our ‘How Credit Repair Works’ page, the FCRA has high standards for credit reports. If an item is not 100% accurate and 100% verifiable, this item can be challenged. If this challenge is successful, the item must be removed from the consumer’s credit report. Because each bureau is separate, it is important to send separate dispute letters to each of the three bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

The specifics within these dispute letters are also extremely important. A good dispute letter can make the difference between a bureau ignoring your request, and multiple items being completely deleted. The wording of your dispute, and the reason behind it, is everything. In addition, the sequence of these letters is very important. Sending specific requests in a special order can properly escalate your claim, and give it a higher chance of success. It should be noted that bureaus frown at obvious form letters. At National Credit Fixers, every credit dispute letter we send is unique!


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