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How Credit Repair Works

Why NCF is Better…

Why NCF is Better: Brief Synopsis

  • NCF does not simply pump out dispute letters: repair is individualized.


  • Credit repair tactics are every changing: we stay current!


  • We use all the methods shown in this section: most companies don’t!


Why NCF is Better: Full Explanation

Once you have decided that you need a little help fixing your credit, the next step is choosing a credit repair company. This is the step that can be most daunting! There are hundreds of credit repair companies out there, all claiming that they are the ‘best’ and will get you results. How do you know which company to actually hire? The answer is that you must consider each company’s dedication to their clients, and effective their credit repair techniques are. After reviewing these criteria, we are sure you will see that NCF really is the best!

The problem with most credit repair agencies is that they have no connection to their customer. Quite frankly, most of them do not care whether you achieve a good credit score or not! We refer to those companies as “dispute mills”. They churn out form letters in bulk, with each client simply a number. They then stick a 58 cent stamp on these letters, and hope for the best. This is similar to simply throwing hundreds of identical darts at a wall, and seeing what sticks!

At National Credit Fixers, we are NOT a dispute mill. Unlike your typical credit repair agency, we don’t simply pump out lots and lots of form letters, stick that 58 cent stamp on them and hope for the best. Instead, we offer comprehensive and individualized system of credit repair. We talk to each client on the phone (as opposed to an automated website sale) and work with them to figure out what will work best based on their report. We go the extra mile!

In addition, NCF is at the cutting edge of credit repair tools and techniques.  I have been doing credit repair since 1996. Techniques that worked back then simply do not work now. Things change and you must adapt with the times. NCF is better because we employ the techniques listed in this section for credit repair (most companies do not or only do a couple of them). If you hire National Credit Fixers, you can be assured you are getting the very best in the field of credit repair companies!

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