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How Credit Repair Works

How Credit Repair Works: Overview

Here is the basic premise of how credit repair works: In order for an account to REMAIN on your credit report, it must be 100% ACCURATE and 100% VERIFIABLE. This is derived from a law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA. It is this language that provides the basis of the credit repair process!
If an item on your credit report does not meet this criteria, then  it must be removed! Any derogatory items that are proven to be either not verifiable or not accurate can then be completely taken off your credit report. I will explain this concept in more detail in the video on the right of this page.
This is one of the most important sections of my website. If you are going to hire my team to repair your credit, I want you to understand what you will get for your money.


How Credit Repair Works: Contents

  1. Why NCF is better!
  2. Certified mail
  3. Dispute Letters
  4. Disputes with Credit Bureaus
  5. 623 Letters
  6. Validation Letters
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