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Billing Department

Billing Department

We maintain that the service you get from National Credit Fixers is the best value you will find in the world of credit repair. We give you more repair work per dollar – period! However, you still do have to pay a fee for results! When it comes time to pay for the work that we have done, we want to make sure that the customer service experience stays top-notch!

Our billing department will work with you to make sure that payment goes smoothly for both parties. They will explain different parts of your bill, and answer any questions you may have in regards to payment. In addition, our accounts receivable associates will work with you to find the most convenient payment plan and form of payment. It is the billing department’s job to make sure NCF gets paid – and everyone stays happy.

Brianna Wallace

Accounts Receivable

My Passions Are:

– My Two Beautiful Children
– Reading a good book
– Traveling


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