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Welcome to the NCF Blog! This section of our site is updated regularly to provide new information and insights, both for our clients and the public! The information contained in our  blog can be generally broken down into two categories: General and Credit Repair. ‘Credit Repair’ posts will provide new and interesting articles about repairing credit: including tips and tricks, or new explanations of topics touched upon in other sections of our site. ‘General’, by contrast, will feature new and interesting updates about everything else, including NCF news.


  • Jul 19

    No upfront deposit required Minimum Equifax Score 500 (FICO) Reports to all 3 Credit Bureaus Limit Ranges between $1,100 and $6,500 depending on your qualifications APR Annual Fee Credit 21% $100 per year Bad Credit, Fair Credit Processing Fee: $125-only charged if approved Up-front Deposit: None – this is an unsecured card and your credit […]

  • Dec 31

    Best Credit Repair Company – National Credit Fixers

    It’s that time of year again – resolution time! It seems that on January 1st of every year, millions of people to resolve to make meaningful change in their life. It’s certainly a good time of the year for health clubs. I can tell you my gym nearly triples in membership around this time. But […]

  • Dec 24

    Happy Holidays from NCF!

    It seems that everyone is finally in the holiday spirit – and National Credit Fixers is no exception! Last Friday we took a break from fixing credit and had an office holiday party. This party was complete with a secret-santa grab bag, and plenty of homecooked food! We had a great time. I always believe […]

  • Jul 11

    NCF has gone social!

    National Credit Fixers has gone social! We have created accounts on social media sites where we haven’t been before, such as twitter! In addition, we have taken time to clean up some of our old sites, such as Google Plus! You would be surprised how many sites still had our old Roberts Street address! Check […]

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